On A Desert Island With Another Man, Would Pawlenty Go Gay? He Doesn’t Know.

Tim Pawlenty showed the kind of leadership America has come to expect in its presidents when asked whether or not homosexuality was behavioral or a choice (i.e., he showed none). Two straight men stranded on a desert island might cut a deal after a few months and do each other a “favor” every once-in-awhile. That’s called behavioral. The second grade kid who has a thing for all things feminine while the boys around him are rolling around in mud? That’s called genetic.

By and large the vast majority of gay people are gay because…they were born that way. Others are just adventurous or freaky or experimental. Those people are outliers. While it’s annoying that Sunday morning talk shows feel the need to concentrate on gay issues when the country is in dealing with federal deficits that will leave America an impotent mess, I can’t help but be saddened with the Republican Party if Tim Pawlenty is the best they have to offer.

And yes, Barack Obama is just as bad (remember, his position is “evolving” on gay rights). On issue after issue our elected leaders are so managed and so scripted that they can’t even give the American people some straight talk without turning to a focus group. I’d rather vote for a candidate who I vehemently disagree with 10% of the time than someone who I sorta, kinda, hope I agree with 95% of the time because he refuses to give a straight answer.

Tim Pawlenty—you’re the most boring Republican candidate out there. Congratulations on taking the opportunity to once again reinforce that image on today’s Meet the Press:

“As I understand the science, there’s no current conclusion that it’s genetic,” Pawlenty said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Saying he preferred to “defer to the scientists” about the issue, the former Minnesota governor said it was unclear if being gay or lesbian was a lifestyle choice.

“There’s no scientific conclusion that it’s genetic. We don’t know that. So, we don’t know to what extent it’s behavioral,” Pawlenty said. “That’s something that has been debated by scientists for a long time.”

Guess what, Tim? Economists have debated whether Top Down policy making is a good idea for ages, but you seem to have come out swinging in favor of the supply-siders. Why can’t you be just as forceful on cultural issues? The answer is easy: because you’re the kind of white guy Eddie Murphy mocked on Saturday Night Live back when it was actually funny. You walk around with your butt cheeks clenched tight because that’s what happens to people who are perpetually nervous voters might get a taste of who they really are.

Want to make waves, T-Paw? Before your next stump speech take notes on how to talk about gay people by Eddie Murphy. You’ll never be elected again, but the video will be played for generations.


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