Iowa Republican Group: Ticking Off Black People New Presidential Litmus Test.

Mitt Romney has refused to sign a gay marriage pledge—the same one that until recently included phrases that ticked off a number of black people by citing black out-of-wedlock birth rates between today and pre-abolition. Instead of alienating black and gay voters by signing an inconsequential piece of paper by a group of primary voters, Romney wants to lose the 2012 election on his own merits.

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s campaign said Tuesday that he will not sign a conservative Iowa Christian group’s far-reaching pledge opposing gay marriage, making him the first Republican presidential candidate to reject it.


Two of Romney’s rivals for the Republican nomination, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, have signed the The Family Leader’s 14-point pledge, which calls on the candidates to denounce same-sex marriage rights, pornography, same-sex military accommodations and forms of Islamic law.


When it was first circulated last week, the introduction to the pledge stated that African American children were more likely to be raised in two-parent households when they were born into slavery than they are today. The group struck that language and apologized after black ministers complained, but it said it stands by the rest of the document.

In truth, the real reason why this story is annoying is because once again someone gave Whoopie Goldberg and the women of The View another opportunity to rant and rave before a larger audience. Whoopie Goldberg shouldn’t say a word about Michele Bachmann, since Michele Bachman wasn’t the one who came up with term “rape-rape.” That honor goes to Ms. Goldberg (who also doesn’t know what the word “suffrage” means). Should a woman who doesn’t know what Women’s Suffrage is be allowed to vote? It’s an interesting question…

When it comes to racial issues, the Republican Party is like a mentally unstable guy who starts bashing his head against a brick wall. The more he does it, the more he loses control of his faculties. This causes a disturbing cycle that only builds on itself. People around him urge him to stop, but he keeps going and often intensifies his efforts as the damage grows. If Republican candidates want to pander to politically tone deaf organizations with silly pledges, they deserve to lose. You don’t win over the black vote by jumping at the first opportunity to annoy them.

Whoopie Goldberg? Is she mentally unstable? She dated Ted Danson. Nuff said.


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