NBC’s Fear Factor Semen Stunt: Has America Aborted Itself?

The United States has worried about terrorism for over a deacade. Maybe it should have worried about culturally aborting itself.

Last Independence Day, I happily blogged that The United States was not New Zealand, where men and women willingly went to festivals and did shots of horse semen. Today, I sadly report that NBC’s Fear Factor plans to air a segment where contestants drink donkey semen AND urine. Has America officially aborted itself?

There are a lot of ways a country can judge its health. There are economic indicators, like the debt to GDP ratio. There are immigration statistics. There are “national mood” polls (i.e., right track/wrong track). Any number of those things can offer a snapshot into the vitality and well being of a nation. However, nationally-televised donkey semen drinking contests might be one of those “Case Closed” examples that demonstrate for everyone that the cultural state of the nation is “dead.”

For years we’ve worried about the threat of terrorists when, ironically, we’ve been killing our culture from within. Mike Judge directed the movie Idiocracy, but he didn’t need to—it’s here now. Overseas, soldiers fight for words like “freedom” and “liberty,” but they’re fighting for outdated definitions. Today, freedom is completely detached from the notion of natural rights, and is instead interpreted as “freedom to do whatever the f**k I want, consequences be damned.” The word “liberty” is divorced from the personal responsibility and self-restraint of the founders. Instead, muscled-up meat heads and fake-boobed bimbos giggle on television as losers like Joe Rogan see how little someone will self their dignity for.

The United States may have officially aborted itself. But at least the ratings were through the roof, right Joe?


2 thoughts on “NBC’s Fear Factor Semen Stunt: Has America Aborted Itself?

  1. Dear Doctor,

    Please convey my deepest sentiments to your mother. These tempestuous events you describe seem lackluster only when compared to your recounting of them. Quite truthfully, I fear you may need to distance yourself from all external influences long enough to learn one simple truth: There is nothing new under the sun.

    To wit: these carnivals of misbehaviour were no less common in the past than they might seem now. Save that now, they seem so much more publicly accessible. Perhaps you should get some well-deserved rest and contemplate thereafter some much more valuable subjects to address.

    My prayers are with you,


  2. Silence,

    In the past people knew right from wrong. Even when they did something wrong, they knew it and felt some sense of shame. There was at least a stigma attached to people or groups of people who acted like animals. Today, as you mention, there is no shame. We no longer even know the difference from right and wrong… A day after this was posted NBC pulled the plug on the episode (perhaps their plan all along?), and the women who took part were upset. Again—no shame.

    Where does it come across as though I’m surprised this sort of thing has been going on for ages? My issue was with it being NATIONALLY TELEVISED. The entire world knows you can go to Mexico and watch a woman have sex with a donkey, but that doesn’t mean we should sigh and just deal with it when it ends up on basic cable five years from now. Instead of reading this blog and wondering how to craft a comment to prove how worldly you are, I suggest reading with an open mind.

    “More valuable” subjects to address? I beg to differ.

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