Michelle Obama does push-ups. Morons criticize her form.

Michelle Obama recently paid a visit to the Ellen show. While Ellen and she were making small talk, a push-up contest materialized. The two women hit the floor and started knocking them out. Good for daytime television, but bad for news…unless you’re talking about the morons who comment on said “news” pieces with personal attacks.

I don’t have much love for President Obama. In fact, I don’t have much love for ANY politician. But I have even less love for people on either side of the political aisle who would take time out of their day to make “fat” jokes about the First Lady over something as light-hearted and innocuous as her guest appearance on Ellen.

During the Bush administration, anything “W” did—and I mean anything—was immediately used as evidence of his so-called incompetence or a desire to steal your civil liberties. Likewise, there seems to be a bizarre group of people who are simply enraged at Michelle Obama’s mere existence. The Obama’s have a very nice family and two lovely kids. Michelle generally stays under the radar and has one pet issue—healthy eating. There are some legitimate public policy concerns over how she would address America’s obesity problem if she was an elected official…but overall she’s harmless. So if you find yourself calling her “fat” or “a b**ch” online after she appears on a daytime television show…then YOU probably have psychological issues. Or you’re just a really angry, bitter person.

I don’t agree with almost anything Ms. Obama says politically, but I’d rather have her as First Lady then someone with a dominant Stepford Wife gene on full display.


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