Topless feminists try to win friends at Vatican protest by sticking crucifixes up their butts

Femen Vatican protestFeminism has been on a roll in November. Not only did feminist activists think it would be wise to attack the guy who is largely responsible for landing a space probe on a comet traveling 41,000 mph, but they also decided to try and make friends by sticking crucifixes in their butts to protest the Pope’s upcoming visit to the European Parliament in Strasbourg. reported Nov. 14:

The topless protest group Femen have taken their brash form of activism to shockingly new heights (or depths), simulating anal sex with crucifixes outside the Vatican to protest the Pope’s alleged meddling in politics.

The three women pulled of their stunt on St. Peter’s Square, the enormous plaza located right in front of St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City.

Two of them had “Keep it Inside” scrawled across their backs, an apparent reference to their anger that the Pope’s activities extend beyond the tiny papal enclave in Rome.

The trio, decked out in nothing but black ankle boots, leather miniskirts, and flower garlands in their hair, dropped to all fours and began simulating a lewd act with the crucifixes.

Given that the world has over 1.1 billion Catholics — and Pope Francis is the head of the Catholic Church — it seems as though it is entirely appropriate for world leaders to meet with him. It does seem just a bit inappropriate, however, for women to go topless on city streets, scrawl messages on their bodies in black marker, and shove crucifixes into their butts.

Perhaps even stranger is the fact that Femen promotes the organization as one that yearns to hack testicles with sickles and hold them up triumphantly — all while simultaneously telling average Europeans that the the pope is a threat to freedom.

Femen landing pageIronically, Femen has a lot in common with the Shakers from the 1700s. The shakers were celibate and died off, while pro-choice Femen members want nothing to do with men. My money is on the baby-makers to outlast the group that weirdly encourages women to grow into old, angry, and lonely souls whose crowning achievement in life will boil down to: “We got to stick crucifixes up our butts.”


One thought on “Topless feminists try to win friends at Vatican protest by sticking crucifixes up their butts

  1. My poor, dear Doctor,

    It appears from your words here, that you believe these women whose stories you recount are trollops. Perhaps… Yet as a woman and now a grandmother, I disagree. As before most often than not, your anger betrays your authenticity. Need I remind you, you are male?

    Perhaps, just perhaps, you’ve mistaken someone’s misguided effort as less than symbolic, and more than within your experience to date? Thereby, you have been drawn into responding to and decrying obvious theatrical foolishness. Thereupon, I suspect we both agree.

    One might have wished, your education and earned wisdom might have led you to a more generous state of mind… and heart.

    My sincere empathy to your dear mother,

    Be well, be safe.


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