GOP Targets Youth By Acting Like It’s On Drugs

Every so often the GOP comes out of the depths to make itself known to young people. And then it returns to the deep, where old, old things reside. It's beautiful, yet sad, at the same time.

Somewhat like the regularity of the famous Humpback Whales migrating South for the winter, the GOP make a move towards the “youth” vote. Only, unlike Humpback Whales, the GOP never actually makes it to their desired destination. The GOP replicates this with the black vote as well, so perhaps the Sperm Whale is a more appropriate analogy…

Here’s the gist of it via hotair:

Since President Obama took office the deficit has more than tripled and the debt has skyrocketed. Every dollar Mr. Obama has borrowed or spent is a dollar millennials are going to have to pay back in the years ahead, in the form of higher taxes, a more sluggish economy, or both. Republicans can stress that while the Obama presidency has darkened the fiscal future, they have put forward solutions (such as the budget authored by Rep. Paul Ryan) to jump-start the economy and salvage the safety net for millennials.”

Someone needs to tell Margaret Hoover that young people know of Republicans “solutions” and they have rejected them! Republicans have been rejected for the ideology of “MeMeMeMeMeMe” (i.e., libertarianism) and modern-day Liberalism, whose advocates are impervious to economic reality. Young people don’t care about monster debt and they won’t until it disembowels them in the coming years.

Hotair’s Tina Korbe essentially says that Hoover is missing the broader point—that kids don’t understand basic economics and first principles—and she’s right. Once someone has a set of principles, those principles become a guide with which to navigate confusing public policy terrain. Tina Korbe is everything that is right about that GOP, and on many levels Ms. Hoover is what is wrong with them (assuming her book offers more of the same).

The GOP seem to think they have a shot at kids because Barack Obama has done a horrible job managing the economy. Whether that’s true or not misses the point: kids sadly get their news from Jon Stewart. A sizable portion of the electorate still blame George Bush for today’s economic problems. Jon Huntsman is creepy and looks like he crawls into a coffin at night. Tim Pawlenty is a nerd, but not the kind of nerd who’s actually kind of cool… Mitt Romney wants to be President so bad that’s it’s weird and off-putting. Paul Ryan isn’t running (yet).

The only person the GOP has who, at this point, seems to know how to strike a balance between policy-wonk and “regular” (level-headed) guy is Paul Ryan. He could go toe-to-toe with Barack Obama and win.

Keep smoking whatever you’re smoking, Ms. Hoover. You’ll get kids to hang out with you at the GOP headquarters with your new message, but they’re not the type who will be out of bed when the polls close on election day.